The Monkey Wood

In the very heart of tourist town Ubud you can find national park, and in actual fact a small island of old shady forest with centuries-old trees, wandering paths, sacred spring and miniature church, hidden from the fleet glance with rich forest foliage.
In this park hundreds of different monkeys live like at their home in jungles. 
Buy a bunch of bananas at the park entrance in advance – it will help you to establish relations with forefathers. Monkeys here are extraordinary communicable, the willingly pose and entertain guests. But be aware – our distant relatives are very thievish and curious. You’d better hide away wallets, glasses and cell phones! Even cigarettes are much sought after by lively and crafty primogenitors.
Children will be enthused by little monkey kids, that cheerfully gambol in small cool pond. Marmosets and macaques play tag, running after each other and spraying cold water onto tarried spectators.
Here, in ancient shady forest, Rangde – the unique Temple of Evil Goddess – is constructed. This terrifying goddess is similar to Russian Baba Yaga, she likes to make dirty tricks and dishes out Balinese people. So to blandish the Oldie here a temple in her name was constructed. There are held ceremonies and sacrifices to the evil goddess till the present days.
Rangde Temple is not the only one in Ubud park. Under the extremely wide tree there is a Temple of Family. Near it you can see sacred spring.
And this is not the whole story! The Monkey Wood hides lots of amazing things. Come and see with your own eyes!

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