Tanah Lot

This temple of indescribable beauty is the holy symbol of Bali that is represented at almost all souvenirs of the island. The uniqueness of the temple is in the fact that it rises right above sea waves. Tanah Lot is located in the south of the island, at the place called Pura Tamat Aun.

According to the legend it was constructed by Hindu saint Dang Hyang Nirarth who pushed the rock into the water with the power of his mind during meditation. Nirartha came to this place leaded by celestial light and started preaching for the people of the town, but met opposition and jealousy of the local priest who kicked the monk away. In reply to this situation Nirartha during his meditation has pushed the rock he was sitting on to the open sea and created the most wonderful temple of the island. Nirartha dedicated his masterpiece to the sea god and transformed his scarf into poisonous snakes to protect the newborn island with the temple.

Since that time thousands of Balinese come here to pray. However, it possible to enter the temple only during low tide. During high tide it is inaccessible. Besides, the foot of the island is still surrounded by poisonous snakes. According to the legend they protect the temple from evil spirits and unbidden guests.

Tanah Lot is especially beautiful at dawn. Magnificent shadows of its multilevel buildings are reflected in the shafts of the setting sun.

If you walk up the path going along the shore to the right of Tanah Lot, you can watch the wonderful panorama and go down to one of the small bays below. Sand on the local beaches is very unusual – it is black, and near-shore road is starred with cozy restaurants.

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