Reptile and Bird Park

One of the most colorful and informative excursions on Bali is the trip to Reptile and Bird park. The park itself is not so large – 2 hectares – but it contains birds and animals not only from Bali and Indonesia, but from the whole world! Most of them walk on the grass, and you can easily make photos with them. Painted parrots of all rainbow colors willingly pose for the camera, sitting down on your arms and shoulders, and from the neighboring branch a feathered fellow suddenly tells you “Hello!” 
The snow-white peafowl of indescribable beauty shows you its train looking like bride lace.

This park is a real bird show. Here is also a small incubator where you can see a birth of different bird kinds. After that you can have a supper in the cozy restaurant near the pond with swans and flamingos. In the park there are also presented manifold reptiles. Here you can see dragons from Comodo Island, goannas, beautiful iguanas, snakes and crocodiles, rigidly freezed with their chaps open. The most courageous visitors can take goannas and iguanas on their hands and make a photo. And birds will surround you at a short notice – watch your beads and bracelets and have your camera ready!

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