Bali – it is of course beach Heaven, white sands and tender sea waves. For those who are tired of laying under the sun it is something interesting to see here. For those who want to see Bali from inside we recommend to run on boats across mountain river Logo Vadja.

Rafting is unforgettable experience for courageous. Clear mountain water, flashing in the sunlight, magnificent and lively waterfalls – all this will provide you with great flush of stamina and emotions. The most important thing is to listen to the instructor (and it is Balinese guy Ketut) and fulfill his commands in time. In response to a signal “Lay down!” you should lay on the boat bottom as deep as possible, in order not to touch bamboo bridge with your head, according to a merry signal “Boom-boom!” you should hold on the boards, because “Boom-boom!”means that boat is going to meet a rock on its way. Rafting is for sure committed in head-pieces and survival vests – for the case if you are carried away by the view of coast nature beauty and miss “Lay down!” or “Boom-boom!”.

Somewhere in the middle of the trip searching and curious tourist can leave his boat for a while and go watching a waterfall of ethereal beauty, hidden in green jungles. In the trip itself you will also not be bored – there are coconut and banana palms growing on the river sides, cacao and coffee plantations spreading all about, and lots of unusual exotic flowers – not a single tree nursery can hold them!

But the most strong impression for the bravest ones is a jump from three-meters waterfall. After rafting, walking and jumping, in the river lows you will find cozy Balinese restaurant. And believe us – the food will be the most delightful thing you’ve ever

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