Kopi Luwak

If you are out of touch, Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. The cost of it is 1000 euro per kilogram. So why is it so costly, what does its price consist of? The thing is that in wild jungle on the islands Sumatra and Bali there lives a small carnivore – palm civet or Luwak. Exteriorly this little animal is like mongoose or wild cat, but it has some unusual for animals characteristics.

Palm civet is fortunate in having an acute sense of smell, and in addition it is keen on coffee beans. Every night under favor of the darkness little Luwak prowls to coffee plantations and eats up the most ripe and rich coffee beans. What a cutie!

So what happens to the beans next? In the organism of this alert animal there takes place fermentation process. Coffee beans are cleared, but not digested. Scientists suggest that acids of civet’s digestive tract remove some “bitter” proteins from coffee beans. After that they become sweeter, and its quality is higher. Then beans leave civet’s organism by the most natural way and stay on jungle’s ground. So poor Luwak cannot stay alone with his natural need – everywhere there are Balinese with baskets waiting for him. That is how coffee beans, got through civet’s bowels, becomes a famous Kopi Luwak.

You can taste a cup of this unique and provocative drink, also with ginseng, at Bali Island. Besides, you can also try a real cacao or ginger tea, see how coffee and cacao grows, and of course buy for your family or friends the drink you like.

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