Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake

Kintamani volcano is located deep in the mountains. Not far from the same-name village. From Kintamani settlementyou will have a lovely view of volcano and Batur Lake – wonderful scenery! The lake is situated at the foot of magnificent volcano that is considered to be active till our days and the biggest active volcano in South-East Asia. On its side it is still possible to notice the signs of recent eruption that took place in 2008.

Balinese consider Batur Lake to be sacred. According to the ancient legend, it is filled with eleven springs. Batur is located in the giant crater and is the largest crater lake in the world – 3 km wide and 8 km long. Villages on its shores are called “lake stars”.

In the cozy restaurant with an eye to the volcano and the lake you can have a rest, eat tasty food and make great pictures as a keepsake. Inhabitants of surrounding villages are famous for their unique talent of rock carving. Besides, they play the national Balinese dance Barong – colorful performance about the eternal fight of good and evil. This is the bright staging of Hindu epos that has been played at the island for ages in special national clothes.

On the way to the volcano there is Cheluk village – the local center of jewelers. This plays will stick in memory of women part of travelers. Unique pieces of silver, gold and pearl are created just in the face of future owner. There are no duplications! You will be the holder of exclusive Balinese accessory.

In Mas village, that is also located on the way to the volcano, there live the best wood carvers on Bali. Here you can buy an unusual trifle of ebony, sandal or redwood as a keepsake or a gift.

After climbing the volcano you will see the clouds of black smoke below. Don’t be frightened – it comes from another volcano. The most interesting thing is that it is volcano in volcano, it is formed inside Kintamani. In the volcano crater there is the tiny village. Its inhabitants are in fact the bravest people in the world – they are absolutely not afraid of crushing power of mighty giant.

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