Besakih Temple and Gunung-Agung Mountain

If Bali is Heaven – then there should be gods living on it. Locals consider that gods live on the highest and the most magnificeint mountain of the island – always cloud-capped Gunung-Agung. The top of the mountain reaches 3142 meters above the sea.

At the east side of Gunung Agung in 1000 meters above the sea there stands the largest and the most sacred temple of Bali – Besakih. Its second name is Mother Temple.

Thousands of pilgrims climb the great mountain to lower their heads towards gods. Hinduism is one the most loyal and kind religions of the world, everyone can pray here and ask gods about their private things. Tourists are attracted by the splendid architecture and unique history of this holy place. Thousand years old walls keep the secrets of passed centuries, and also antique musical instruments. At the temple entrance there are Duarapals – severe guards, wakefully defending it against evil spirits. Its façade is decorated by stone and wood carving.

At the base of Besakih one can find a small cozy market for tourists. Here for some cents it is possible to buy souvenirs and gifts for yourself and your family, for example, national sarong or a T-shirt with message “I LOVE Bali”.

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